That’s when my concern began with other women whom have to hear the same words like I did. So, I wanted to give them a message. I woke up one morning and in my head it was as if God spoke to me and said this is for you and this is what I want you to do to give a message to women whom have just found out they have Breast Cancer. That day all day long I couldn’t let go of the words BEAT IT. Then the next day I came up with © 2011 BEAT IT BEADS! I was so excited that this will be my way of getting a message to other women whom just found out they have breast cancer and that there is no need to be down, get up and fight. Don’t be stressed, have a positive attitude, losing is not an option. The very first beads collected occurred when I decided to celebrate my birthday. On the invitations, I requested, “Do not bring gifts to my Sunday Brunch Birthday Celebration. Instead, bring your unwanted beaded necklaces. That day I collected 35 beaded necklaces from 6 friends. Now I have over 100 Beads which will be donated to the Fox Chase Cancer center, Abington Hospital and The American Cancer Society. Each beaded necklace contains a Circle Charm engraved with the words “BEAT IT,” representing a circle of women shouting out BEAT IT! Each and every woman should know that they can beat this! So, donate your unwanted beads and be a part of the Circle to spread around “THE © BEAT IT BEADS AGAINST BREAST CANCER.” Margie McClarin, Owner / Administrator

“Donate your unwanted beads to women whom have just found out they have breast cancer”


It all started when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer the year 2011.  When I heard the words you have Breast Cancer, my first thought was the doctors made a mistake. Then, later that evening, I said to myself, ” I know how to fight.” So then I said I am going to fight and win and I did!!  My biggest fear was giving the news to my children, family & friends!  At first I couldn’t tell them. But I had to let them know that I needed them to help me fight this